• Is there an integration for that ?
  • Do they have an API ?
  • There HAS to be a way to automate that !
  • Do I need to upgrade my Zapier/IFTTT/Integromat plan again ?

If you have wondered this at any point, you ‍landed on the right post !

In my last article, I already tried to help these pain points by showing you how to deploy your own custom API in a few minutes.‍

Today, we are going to talk about unoffcial APIs, a way to reduce even more frustration of not being able to automate a process on a…

Les différences qui séparent BtoB et BtoC ne se résument pas à des cibles d’acheteurs opposées.

Les process, le comportement des clients, les parcours d’achats, l’organisation interne, la gestion du catalogue produit sont autant d’éléments qui doivent être étudiés et adaptés spécifiquement pour répondre aux attentes particulières des acheteurs B2B.

Les achats des acteurs B2B s’inscrivent dans un contexte d’entreprise et la réflexion avant achat tout comme le choix final intègrent souvent davantage de contraintes que pour un achat en B2C.

Cela implique donc un niveau de détails plus important, des données plus techniques et complexifiées par l’intervention de multiples…

Results of a Hubspot study on top salespersons priorities

Hey I’m back ! I figured I’d talk about one of my favorite things in growth : CRM automation.

While focusing on lead generation, it’s easy to forget that growth actually rests on people buying your product, not just sitting in your CRM.

That is what I’ll be talking about today : how to get as much “sales value” as possible of your prospects with automated follow ups.

In my previous company, when we figured out how to deliver emails consistently, we sent a lot of them. And I do mean A LOT.

So of course, our sales team was…

(original article published on my blog right here)

I’m back !

With the whole lockdown situation, I had a little more time to explore a space I’m in love with : Machine Learning.

I feel like data management and intelligence are going to be at the heart of growth hacking/engineering so i was looking for an opportunity to dabble in it.

Growth engineering and machine learning are fields that require very similar skills:

  • Mostly Python developing
  • Scraping
  • Data processing
  • Analytic and critical thinking

After a few very practical tutorials on the specifics that I went through on kaggle.com/learn, …

Let us start on where this knowledge comes from.

I used to work as a growth hacker for Nimley, a company that took care of lead generation for its clients using its expertise in email copywriting.

I was in charge in B2B acquisition there, and of course, my primary acquisition channel was also cold emailing. It was an amazing position as any innovation found on my end could be implemented on our clients’ side to improve the product.

The biggest problem we kept running into was the spam filters as we kept getting awful open rates (sub 20%) after a…

We learnt in the first part how to host and securely distribute your static website with S3 and Cloudfront. The next natural step is then how to make that website not so dynamic anymore with a backend.

Usually building a backend from scratch can be painful to deploy and maintain, and in the past I would for sure have to delegate that task.

However, nowadays, you can do so with a few lines of code.

Thanks to AWS’s lambdas and the Serverless framework, you’ll be able to run a fully lightweight and functional backend with a few functions in no…

I used to love to pick up any CMS to launch and host a website.

As a growth hacker, its a valuable resource that allows you to test different ideas, landing pages etc.

With experience, I realized that Wordpress was not customizable enough anymore for me. Moreover it started to get on the expensive side and I felt like I didn’t get what I wanted for what I was paying.

That’s how this story came about, I needed a quick and easy solution to host potential tech product, where I can manage front and back end on a suite of…

Anas El Mhamdi

Growth engineer @Quable — anas.link

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