The Ultimate Cold Mailing Checklist

  • You ruin a domain’s reputation, so the setup has to be redone on another domain name (it’s faster than cleaning it up)
  • You cannot make any precise prediction on the leads you can generate in a given time
  • In our case it was a huge account management time sink
  • What it is the form (HTML, links, pictures…) ?
  • What is the actual message you’re conveying ? (prop value, fit with audience, etc)
  • Do you know if the emails you have actually exist ?
  • Are they business, personal or contact emails ?
  • How are you actually sending the emails ?
  • Are you sending 1000 mails per day at once ?
  • What platform are you using ? Your mailbox ? A newsletter manager ?
  • How do you know if your domain has a good reputation ?
  • Did you setup SPF and DKIM before sending your email ?



  • Spam filters are intelligent nowadays and can easily pick up on email copies that are too sales-oriented because of wording and structure. If you use words that are too salesy, combined with the fact that it is the first time that you contacted that mailbox, you’ll be heading right into the spam folder.
  • Automated sales pitches are running rampant everywhere. If you manage to be read, but your reader recognizes at first glance, the reader will likely put you himself in his spam folder. That means your domain reputation will take a huge hit.
  • Introduction — Few words
  • Company introduction — 1 sentence max
  • Problem presentation — 1 sentence
  • Proposition value — 1 sentence
  • Strong CTA — Few words

Email Validation

  • A very well known email management tool : Mailchimp, Mailjet, etc. They basically are favored in regards with spam filters.
  • Any other tool off the market (API, SaaS) or your homemade SMTP sending machine as long as you implement DELAYS and RATE LIMITS. The rule of thumb when you’re cruising is to send about 500 maximum per day per domain at a rate of 1 to 2 emails per minute.

Warming up your domain/IP for sending


Gmass inbox tool

Domain reputation checking

  • If you landed mostly in inbox : your domain is fine !
  • If you landed mostly in spam : your domain has been flagged.


  • Do not sell your product, create a conversation
  • Customize your content
  • End with a strong CTA (Let’s have a chat, When are you available for a call ?)
  • Use a simple conversational subject (meeting request, call request, your problem with issue X)
  • No links, no pictures

Email Validation

Delivery Method

  • Maximum 500 emails/day/domain, 1–2 emails/minute
  • Start slow and ramp up over two weeks

Domain Reputation

  • Setup SPF and DKIM on your sending domain
  • Don’t mess the other guidelines up
  • Check your reputation regularly with tools like Gmass or GlockApps



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